Terms and Conditions

Important Credit Card Information

Getbrother.com.au's site is secured using VeriSign, the most trusted website security company in the world. We also use SecurePay Payment Gateway for all Credit Card payments. We do not see or have access to your Credit Card details.

Credit Card Security
GetBrother.com.au uses SecurePay's Payment Servers with advantage of firewall protection and IP restriction, limiting server access only to trusted parties. Transaction data, including customers' credit card details, sent between SecurePay clients and the SecurePay Payment System is encrypted using 1024-bit PKI encryption, which is considered realistically unbreakable. Secure data entered into the SecurePay website is also encrypted using a 128-bit SSL certificate provided by VeriSign.

Customers' Credit Card numbers are never openly stored within the SecurePay System. Transaction data is stored with a truncated PAN -- an abbreviated version of the Credit Card number -- so that merchants can still distinguish transactions, while full Credit Card details are never stored.

In the case of Periodic Payments, where a customer's Credit Card number must be stored, the PAN is encrypted using SecurePay's strong encryption methods, and stored as a binary string, ensuring protection. This encrypted number can only be decrypted by SecurePay's software, and is never disclosed, even to system operators.

SecurePay ensures merchants' and their customers' security using only the latest and strongest measures available. Research and development in this area is continuous to keep SecurePay's Payment System up-to-date, and truly secure.

Credit Card Fraud
Getbrother.com.au takes fraud very seriously and in an effort to protect our customers and enhance our service we have implemented the following procedures:

  • Customers may be required to provide appropriate identification with their first purchase from Getbrother.com.au. This can be a fax copy of a credit card or current driver's licence that matches the delivery address. The name on the identification must match both the order and credit card details used. Smaller orders may be verified by other means.
  • Subsequent orders will be subject to random verification, unless Credit Card details are updated or changed.
  • Shipping names and addresses will be verified using a variety of means before products are shipped and the customer notified if there are any discrepancies. All suspected fraud will be reported to the Police and the Credit Card issuer. Failing these checks will result in the order being put on hold and details will be referred to the relevant authorities.

Getbrother.com.au accepts the following Payment Methods:

  • Visa*
  • MasterCard*
  • American Express*
  • Paypal*
  • BPAY
  • Direct Bank Deposit

*Unlike some of our competitors, Getbrother.com.au does not charge any extra fees or percentage addons for using PayPal as a method of payment.

*There is a 2% surcharge on all Credit Card payments. This is not charged by us, rather our Bank for the use of Credit Cards as a method of payment.

*There is a 2.5% surcharge on American Express. This is not charged by us, rather our Bank for the use of Credit Cards as a method of payment.

Order & Delivery Information
All orders placed through this web site are subject to confirmation and acceptance by Getbrother.com.au. A Getbrother.com.au agent will deliver the goods you order to the delivery address specified, deliveries cannot be made to Post Office Boxes. Where the goods are not available you will be notified as soon as possible. Anyone at the delivery address who receives the goods will be presumed to be authorised to receive the goods. If there is no-one at the delivery address to receive the goods or refuses to accept the goods you may be charged an additional delivery fee. Once goods are delivered to you, you will own them and it is your responsibility if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Next Day Delivery Service
Getbrother.com.au offers an economical delivery service to capital cities with delivery times between 8.30am and 5.00pm, if ex-stock orders are entered by 1:00pm the previous day. (Bpay customers orders are processed when the payment is received from your financial institution & can take up to two days.) Second day service is available for some Regional areas.

*Some orders cannot travel via air due to size a weight constraints, in this instance express road service is used. This can take extra time depending on location. If it cannot fit in a air bag it has to go road freight.

Perth & Darwin customers please be aware that delivery times for items that exceed air bag limits and need to go road express, can be up to 10 business days.

Freight costs
Getbrother.com.au charges a maximum flat fee of $9.95 for all Printers & MFP's & $9.95 for all other orders.
If the Printer/MFP's are ordered with Toners etc. the maximum cost is still $9.95!

Part Shipment
To reduce freight costs Getbrother.com.au will not part ship orders unless requested. In the case of part shipment additional freight charges may be incurred. Customers can track the progress andstock due dates from the web site by selecting "Orders", enter your e-mail address and password. By clicking on an order you can track each item's availability.

Please Note: Products on a single order may ship from multiple warehouses resulting in multiple deliveries being received.

Delivery/Consignment Receipts
To ensure fast delivery Getbrother.com.au may delivery goods without a Tax Invoice or payment receipt. In this case the goods will include a Delivery/Consignment receipt stating all items ordered and delivered. The Tax invoice will be emailed to you at the time of ordering.

Cancelled orders
Clients wishing to cancel orders will have to pay an administration fee of $50.00.

Differences, Complaints, Proof of Delivery
Getbrother.com.au will afford a reasonable opportunity to its customers to examine goods for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not they conform to the purchase order. There is a period allowed of 7-days from the date of delivery to alert Getbrother.com.au to non-conformity is given in the following situations:

  • Shipment of wrong/damaged products
  • Short shipment of products from a consignment
  • Missing cartons from multiple carton consignments

Warranty Repairs
There is no charge for repairing products covered by warranty. All software products are covered by 7-day warranty from the date of purchase by the end-user. The customer should be aware that any failure of software products due to misuse of the product or hard disk failure is not covered by warranty.

Please contact the Returns Department and advise the date of purchase, the Getbrother.com.au order number and the serial number of the product. You can contact us at info@getbrother.com.au

Repairs handled by Getbrother.com.au
Please supply the Getbrother.com.au order number, product information and serial number of the product. Once the operator has confirmed the details a Return Authorisation (RA) number will be issued. This number must be used in all future correspondence relating to the return. The RA number is valid for fourteen (14) days. The customer is responsible for freight to Getbrother.com.au & GetBrother.com.au will be responsible for the return freight of the product as soon as it has been exchanged.

Getbrother.com.au will exchange the product within 5 working days of its receipt, (although exceptions to this may occur from time to time, for example depending on stock availability).

Where the product is exchanged only the components received will be replaced and returned in the packaging, as Getbrother.com.au received it.

  • Getbrother.com.au recommends that product returned by post should be sent by registered or certified mail.
  • Getbrother.com.au accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occurring in transit or return.